It is advisable to supervise your child at all times when they are using the internet!



Foundation Stage  -  Get creative.  Grab downloads, watch exclusive clips and find out all about your favourite CBBC programmes here.  -  Listen to stories.  Join in songs and play games with all your favourite CBeebies characters.  -  A wide range of online activities for all areas.  -  Welcome to Santa's secret village - a range of activities related to Christmas.  -  ICT activities for across the curriculum.  -  Websites to develop young readers.  -  Maths games for young children.   -  A collection of rhymes and songs to enjoy.  -  All offer a wide range of game for all area. and pictures used to develop childrens reading skills.


Key Stage I  -  An online story website.  -  Hundreds of poems to read.  -  Make words, listen to stories and poems and discover science facts.  -  Maths games to develop problem solving and mental arithmetic.  -  Practice exercises and challenging maths problems.  -  -  Interactive resources for all curriculum areas.  -  Maths and literacy activities.


Key Stage II  -  Fractions, algebra, measures, reading and writingskills with open ended questions.  -  Explainations for all mathematical terms.

All provide a range of cross-curricular activities.  -  Maths games to promote mental maths and problem-solving. English, Maths and Science activities.


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