Admissions Criteria - Year 1



The Board of Governors of St. Anne’s Primary School has determined that the following criteria shall be applied, in the event of the number of pupils applying for places in year 1 in September being greater than the admissions numbers in the order set down below.  Priority will be given to pupils normally resident in Northern Ireland at the time of admission and then to those pupils regarded by the Board of Governors, on the basis of supporting written evidence provided by parents and/or statutory agencies, as having special circumstances eg medical, social or security factors.


In the event of over-subscription in any one of the criteria, taken in order, final selection will be on the basis of the closeness of the home to the school as measured by the shortest walking distance.


1.    Children of compulsory school age who have a brother/sister, half-brother/sister presently enrolled in the school.

2.      Children of compulsory school age who reside in St. Eugene’s parish.

3.  Children of compulsory school age whose parent/guardian is presently employed as a permanent member of teaching/ancillary/auxiliary staff in the school.

4.      Children of compulsory school age.



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