There is a mid-morning snack-time for Primary 1 and 2 children.  This includes toast, fruit, cheese and crackers, milk and water.  Snack costs £10.00 a term or £30 a year.


Primary 3 -7 children may bring fruit for a mid-morning snack.  Milk can be ordered at a cost of £28 for the year or £12.00 for term 1, £10.00 for term 2, £6 for term 3. Fruit can be ordered at £18 a year or £6 per term.




When you child starts canteen you will be sent home a Menu, which will indicate available meals for each day.  Please send in correct monies in a purse with your child’s name on it.  Cost is £2.60 per day, or you may prefer to send a packed lunch.  In line with our Health Education Policy, please ensure that your child has a healthy lunch box e.g. Fruit, Drink, Sandwich, and Yoghurt.  Please note, due to a few children suffering from nut allergies, St. Anne’s is a “Nut Free” school.


If your child is entitled to Free Meals, you should apply in JUNE, to ensure arrangements are in place for September.  You can do this by telephoning W.E.L.B., 02882 411496 Free Meals Section and asking for a Free Meals Application Form.  This form should be completed by you and returned to Education Authoirty, Western Region. 1 Hospital Road, OMAGH.  You will be informed before September by letter if your application has been successful. 




The school canteen provides a subsidised breakfast for all children from 8.00 a.m. each morning.